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Whiplash injuries are the most common injury from motor vehicle accidents. When a vehicle stops suddenly, the seat belt holds the body in place while the neck is suddenly jolted forward, then backward.  This motion can result in damage to the muscles and ligaments that support the neck, shoulders, and spine.

Effects can be immediate or delayed and include stiffness, pain, restricted mobility of limbs, neck and torso, headaches, chronic pain, insomnia and fatigue and nausea.

These symptoms can last from as little as a few weeks to years.

After a car accident, we encourage you to visit a doctor to assess your injuries.  Symptoms of whiplash could be signs of a more serious neck injury.

If you are experiencing symptoms of whiplash, let us help you through your recovery and obtain fair settlement for your claim.

Often a person who has a whiplash has pain symptoms but there are no signs of visible injury.

For over 20 years Collins & Cullen have a history of successfully representing people who have sustained whiplash injuries.

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