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Because cyclists are more exposed, they are more vulnerable to injury.  Even low speed collisions can cause devastating effects.  If you are injured while riding a bicycle, you may have a claim for ICBC Part 7 Benefits and a claim in Negligence against the motorist.

As a result of being involved in a bicycle  accident, the injured person can make a claim for compensation for pain and suffering, past expenses, wage loss, cost of future care, and loss of future earning capacity, loss of homemaking capacity and in trust award for assistance provided by family or friends.  A lawyer at Collins & Cullen can advise you of your rights.

Bicycle accidents commonly result from drivers trying to pass cyclists, changing lanes without looking for cyclists, opening their doors without shoulder checking for cyclists and not taking sufficient care in the operation of the vehicle when close to a cyclist.  The law protects cyclists in these circumstances.

The most common injuries from bicycle accidents are head or brain injuries, broken bones including fractures, musculoskeletal injuries and in some cases paralysis.

It is recommended that in a bicycle accident early investigation be undertaken, including:

  • Identifying and contacting witnesses to obtain statements
  • Preserving any evidence such as keeping possession of the bicycle, the helmet the bicyclist was wearing, any damage to vehicles and marks left on the road surface
  • Engaging an accident reconstruction engineer before the evidence is lost
  • Taking photographs of the site of the accident and the injuries

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact an experienced lawyer at Collins & Cullen to help you.

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